Merit School of Music

Gala 2018

Merit School of Music is delighted to present the 2018 Alice S. Pfaelzer Award for Distinguished Service to the Arts to Yo-Yo Ma and the Lifetime of Service Award to Howard Gottlieb.

All proceeds benefit Merit School of Music and its mission to transform the lives of
Chicago-area youth by removing barriers to high quality music education. 

Julie Green Baumeister and Dan Baumeister
Judy Istock

Honorary Co-chair:
Duffie Adelson

Merit is a nationally accredited community music school dedicated to overcoming barriers to high quality music instruction. Currently engaging a diverse student body of nearly 5,000 students, Merit offers classes from early childhood through high school.  Founded in 1979, Merit is recognized for its unique curriculum that provides a pathway for each individual student to grow both musically and personally.

Merit School of Music

The Ritz-Carlton Chicago

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