Shining Star Ball


We have been closely following the evolving situation with coronavirus (COVID-19). In light of growing concerns for the safety of our community and for the well-being of all our guests planning on attending the Shining Star Ball scheduled for April 24, we have decided to cancel the event. As one of the state’s largest providers of programs and services for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, this is Clearbrook’s most important fundraiser of the year and its success is vital to our ability to assist all those who depend on us. However, cancelling the Shining Star Ball does not cancel the needs of the people Clearbrook serves. In these difficult times they need you to stay by their side more than ever. With your continued commitment we can continue to make an impact on those we serve, allowing them to live the fullest lives possible. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and continued commitment to Clearbrook. We hope that you consider your donation to the Shining Star Ball as a fully-tax deductible straight contribution to Clearbrook to support ongoing programming.  Please feel free to contact us via email with any questions.

As a leader in the field of intellectual/developmental disabilities, Northern Illinois-based Clearbrook is committed to opening doors and creating innovative opportunities for individuals of all ages.

It started as a dream for five families in 1955. A chance for education. A path to self-sufficiency. A focus on ability – not disability. Today, Clearbrook is the largest provider in the state of Illinois of home-based services, programs and support for children and adults with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other intellectual/developmental disabilities. Five families paved the way. What was thought impossible then is a part of everyday life for 7,000 individuals and their families each year.


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