Carol Smith

About Carol Smith

Carol Smith has 21 years of event management and fundraising experience, having joined PJH in 1999.  Carol is a graduate from Rosary College (Dominican University), where she majored in English literature, minored in corporate communications and played four years on scholarship for the Rosary volleyball team.  She was team captain her senior year.  She is also the youngest of ten children, where talents in event management and fundraising are considered survival skills.

Fun Facts about Carol

Favorite Food:  Pizza!  Thin crust or Chicago style deep dish, it is always tasty and has all the major food groups. 

Drama or Comedy?  Comedy.  They say comedy is tragedy plus time.  I say it is better to laugh through life than to cry. "There's no crying in baseball." - A League of Their Own  

Cubs or Sox?  Born and raised a Cub fan!  Everyone loves the underdog, and, no matter who the Cubs are playing, they always will be. 

The three people in history I would most like to meet are. . . Buddha (so I could rub his belly for luck), Jesus (because anybody whose first miracle is to change water into wine is someone I need to know) and Frodo Baggins (because he is a hobbit).

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