Colleen Maguire

About Colleen Maguire

Colleen Maguire joined PJH & Associates in 1998, after a nearly twenty year career in political fundraising. She comes to PJH by way of beautiful Mundelein and currently resides on “da nort west” side of Chicago.

She received her BA in political science from Western Illinois University. Her minor was Law Enforcement Administration which explains her love of rules.   She pursued graduate studies in Political Science in the hopes of becoming a lawyer, which was derailed with her work on her first US Senate race. The rest, as they say, is history or political science in her case!

Fun Facts about Colleen

Favorite TV show:  My guilty pleasure is Scandal, which I have tried to avoid for most of my adult life

Favorite food:  What every lovely Irish girl likes, pizza!

Cubs or Sox?  A family tradition of being a Cubs fan with the same results

If I could travel anywhere, I would go to: Rome

Three people in history I would most like to meet:  Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Pope Francis.  The latter because I’d like to know why he has chosen an austere approach. 

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