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Livia joined the team in 2010 and is thrilled to work in the close-knit community found at PJH & Associates, Inc.  She’s had a love of event planning and fundraising for over a decade.  She started by organizing small fundraisers for the Susan G. Komen Foundation during her time at Miami University of Ohio.  Livia began her career at the Brookfield Zoo where she was in charge of their annual black tie gala and other fundraising events.  Livia works to provide outstanding customer service, efficiency and professionalism to each of her clients and is proud to help such outstanding organizations.  

Fun Facts about Livia

Hobbies:   My main hobbies are spending time with my two small children and husband.  We often visit area parks and museums, or take family bike rides when the weather is nice.  If I'm able to squeeze it in, I love running, yoga and boot camp classes. When I can catch some down time I'm usually watching the latest Netflix or HBO series....and trying not to fall asleep in the process.  

If I could travel anywhere, I would go to... There are too  many places I want to go to pick just one!  Travel is something I love to do but am currently taking a little hiatus.  Coming from a family who has a love of travel, I was dragged across the globe as a child and the desire to see the world just stuck.  I lived and traveled abroad for a year after college exploring Europe, Asia and Africa, and I checked India off my bucket list a few years ago. I'm looking forward to exploring the world with my children when they are older.  

Nickname:  I have a lot!  Liv and Livs are the most common, but I also get the occasional Livie, Livers and “The Liv.”

Favorite quote:  “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”  – Henry Ford

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