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Tom Stumpp joined PJH & Associates in 2004 after years of involvement in politics and government. Prior to joining the team, Tom worked in management for the Illinois Secretary of State, the Illinois Attorney General and on several political campaigns in the Midwest. He also enjoyed a stint in a family-owned architecture and development firm.

Tom learned the books at Santa Maria del Popolo Grade School, Carmel High School and Benedictine University. He learned more practical things at home as the youngest of seven children. Growing up in a household with five sisters prepared him well for life at PJH.

Fun Facts about Thomas

Cubs or Sox?  Anyone who has been in my office – or my head – knows this is no contest – CUBS!! To paraphrase a song lyric, ironically from a south-sider, my two favorite teams are the Cubs and whoever plays the Sox.

The three people in history I would most like to meet…This is a tough one because there are SO many fascinating people, but any list would have to start with one of the most brilliant men ever – Thomas Jefferson. Maybe Abraham Lincoln could join us and, to keep the political conversation going, Ronald Reagan as well. I already feel completely inadequate in that group.

Favorite TV Show:  Currently Modern Family – hilarious – gets at least a few “laugh out loud” moments from me every show!

Favorite Movie:  A tie between Field of Dreams and Apollo 13.  The “you wanna have a catch” scene with Ray and his dad at the end of FOD never fails to bring a tear to my eye. Apollo 13 is so inspirational – a story of true courage and the triumph of the human spirit – and I’ve met Jim Lovell (and Tom Hanks for that matter) as a result of my job at PJH!

Nickname:  Mostly –  T, at times – Tommy, to some – Stumpper, to a few PJHers – Thomasina and in my younger days – Naupps, for reasons I choose not to disclose.

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