Better Government Association

Annual 2017 Luncheon

The Better Government Association Luncheon supports the organization’s efforts to expose waste and corruption in government and promote reform, transparency and accountability. This special event showcases the BGA’s watchdog work while honoring public and civic leaders who share its commitment to promote responsible reform.

Guest Speaker
John Dickerson, CBS News' Chief Washington Correspondent and host of Face the Nation

2017 Daniel L. Goodwin Watchdog Awardee
Steven N. Miller, Co-founder of Origin Ventures and Vice Chairman of the BGA Board

The BGA is a 92-year-old nonpartisan, nonprofit civic watchdog organization that shines a light on government and holds public officials accountable. The organization was founded in 1923 by a small group of civic-minded clergymen, lawyers and businessmen who wanted to fight government corruption. They believed “public officials under close scrutiny would serve the public better; that the best voter was an informed one, and the best citizen was an involved one.” Today, the BGA promotes fairness, integrity, transparency, accountability and efficiency in government by exposing waste, fraud and corruption, advocating effective public policy and engaging the public.

In 2009, the BGA hired former ABC political reporter Andy Shaw and expanded its mission to go beyond investigative journalism to include a vision for advocacy and civic engagement. Over the past four years, the BGA has experienced tremendous revitalization, expanding from a staff of two to 20 full- and part-time employees. The budget has grown from $300,000 to more than $2.9 million. The number of investigations researched and reported has increased dramatically. Since 2009, the BGA has produced 400 investigations of fraud, corruption and mismanagement in government. The BGA builds upon these investigations to prompt policy reform and facilitate responsible civic engagement. We're not only exposing problems in government, but we're proposing solutions. The BGA's recent work has resulted in more than 100 results and reforms including: disciplinary actions, policy changes and budgetary decisions that will save tens of millions of tax dollars.


Better Government Association

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